Life work of Steve McCarty: born in Boston, living near Kyōto, longtime full Professor, Japanese government lecturer, and World Association for Online Education President

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Recent Highlights
Organized an India-Japan research group and composed a proposal for a 2024-2026 grant, submitted to both governments, on Indo-Japanese Collaboration to Humanize Online Educational Experiences.

My 9th international conference keynote address: “Documenting a Research Grant Application Process between Japan and India” on 26 November 2023, based in Germany / slideshow.

“Translation Issues in the Rapid Transmission of Esoteric Buddhism from India to China to Japan” journal paper at ResearchGate | Academia.edu (2023).

“Understanding Intelligence and Genius” essay at Academia.edu | Humanities Commons (2023).

Biographical chapter in A Passion for Japan at ResearchGateAcademia.edu | in Japanese (和訳).

“Online Education as a Discipline” (7,500+ total reads) at Academia.edu | ResearchGate.

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