Academic Life

What is the Academic Life? Series of 3 articles / Individual articles: General Answers to Essential Questions / The Idea of the UniversityUpholding Professional Standards and Ethics

Understanding Intelligence and Genius (essay, 2023) | U.S. Culture and Multiculturalism (slideshow, 2023) | Documenting a Research Grant Application Process between Japan and India (keynote address slideshow, 2023) | Disruptive Technology and the Calling of Humanities and Social Sciences (keynote address paper)

Faculty Development

Meeting Global Faculty Development Needs in Japan | Lifelong Learning and Retiring Retirement Stereotypes | Global Faculty Development for Online Language Education (keynote address slideshow) | Why do most Academic Publications not Broaden Knowledge? | East meets West and South in Hong KongGlobal Faculty Development in Practice

Higher Education in Japan

Stakes and Stakeholders in the Japanese Educational System: abstract / podcast | Study Abroad Perspectives and Educational Globalization (interview) | Examining International Sister School Relations | Revalorizing General Education and Teaching English as a Foreign Language in JapanPractitioners of the Liberal Arts | A View from Abroad: Japanese educators face some of the same issues as their U.S. counterparts

Optimizing Academic Recognition

Setting up an Effective Google Scholar Profile | University Website Optimization and Google Scholar for Academic Recognition | Optimize your University for Global Rankings: We could be Heroes | Web Presence and Higher Education Rankings

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