Language Teaching

Grading Non-Native English Papers in Blended Learning (2021) | Job Interview Project (The Language Teacher, 2020) |  Enlivening Emergency Remote Teaching with Interesting Content and Qualitative Evaluation: Focus on International Families in a Class on Bilingualism | Bilingualism for Language Teachers | Bilingualism as the Goal of Language LearningHow Bilingualism Informs Language Teaching

For works in Japanese, including translations of ones below, see 著作リンク集.


Bilingualism Concepts and ViewpointsBilingual Child-Raising Possibilities in Japan | The Myth of Semilingualism (Bilingual Japan, 2021) | The Bilingual Perspective versus the Street Lamp Syndrome

Taxonomy of Bilingualism Series / Individual articles: Levels of Bilingualism > the Individual Level / Family and Societal Levels of Bilingualism / School and Academic Levels of Bilingualism

Bilingual Education

Understanding Bilingual Education Series (3 English articles & Japanese translations) / Individual articles: Analyzing Purposes of Bilingual Education / Analyzing Types of Bilingual Education / Analyzing Cases of Bilingual Education


Dual Nationality in Japan: Learning to Love Ambiguity What it Means to Be BiculturalCultural Liberation: East-West Biculturalism for a New Century

“Bilingualism and Language Acquisition” Zoomcast – a 15-minute university class lecture:

Slideshow (sons pictured at age 2-3) plus the soundtrack to relive the presentation: