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Shikoku, the Pilgrimage Island of Japan Mount Kōya, Japan Buddhist Syncretism in Japan

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This is Asia: Exploring the Contrast between East Asian and Indo-Western Ways of Thinking (2020) | Ubiquitous Mask Use in Fastidious Japan (2020) | Legend of the Woman Diver (bilingual research paper) | Japanese People and Society (government document) | Internationalizing the Essence of Haiku Poetry | Can non-Japanese write real Haiku poetry? | East-West Cultural Differences in Basic Life Stance | How to Hear Japanese Debate their Place in the World

Graduate Research

Kūkai and Zentsūji (M.A. Thesis) | Zen and Esoteric Buddhism Papers | Riding the White Elephant, Blossoming the Golden Flower: Symbols of self-realization in the Lotus Sūtra trilogy (Presentation Abstract)

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Shikoku Bilingual Guidebook | Kagawa

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Multilingual Japan Multicultural Japan: From Palaeolithic to Postmodern


East-West Symbolic Language of Dreams, Myths, Legends, Iconography, and Poetry” (Keynote Address, Florida). Zoom recording [Minutes 55:00-1:36:34] (November 1, 2020). Also on YouTube, Haiku and my philosophy [Minutes 28-37] (October 31, 2020) and Introducing the Bilingual Haiku Scroll [Minutes 43:40-51:40] (November 1, 2020).

A Lecture on Japanese Prehistory and Mythology with Professor Steve McCarty
Deep in Japan Podcast [SoundCloud, 88.5 minutes] (June 14, 2020).

See also lectures for the Japanese government on Japanese People and Society, Journalism on Japan, or Multimedia (video, audio & supplementary readings).