The author’s academic publications are widely available and cited, but this Japanned site will include experimental, visual, audio, and video niches such as the Multimedia page. Journalism is an abiding interest from childhood, starting a neighborhood newspaper in California, minoring in journalism at the University of Hawaii, with semester-long internships in the State House of Representatives. After changing from professor to lecturer for universities and the government in Japan, the author has again enjoyed some freelance journalism, hoping the articles with photos are found to be interesting and meaningful.

Journalism on Japan

Dual Nationality in Japan: Learning to Love Ambiguity” (March 2019) – among other points about international families (like the author has), the article predicted that Naomi Osaka would be distracted by having to choose between Japanese and American nationality toward the 2020 Olympics. 9/19/19 UPDATE: 

Inexpensive Maiko Encounters and Kimono Cosplay in Kyoto” (January 2019) – a colorful look into geisha society and the costume play enjoyed by Japanese and foreigners alike.

Japan’s Real Killers” (December 2018) – a multi-genre environmental thriller that has also been called a journalistic scoop.

Kyoto Typhoon victim

Ms. Masuko Fujiki – Her Story: Just Graduated from University in Japan at Age 83” (April 2015) – in a university journal in Turkey, but coincidentally a first foray into journalism just the month when the author was demoted to part-time at age 65 as is the custom in Japan. Later the author could start teaching international classes and working in faculty development at a prominent university in Osaka.

Masuko's graduation

The following are some of the newspaper articles that the author wrote in English and Japanese before his 30 years as a professor. This page is about journalism on Japan, so articles from before moving to Japan are not included in this niche. The main articles have been bundled under Reports at the author’s HC Profile page and divided into (Japan Times and other) English articles (or download the PDF file directly) and Japanese articles introduced in English / 筆者の日本語による新聞の記事集を直接にダウンロード .