Steve’s video has been on the Internet since March 1998, plus a YouTube channel before Google acquired it in 2006. He was a pioneer in educational podcasting with the Japancasting channel from 2005. Among many international honors was an Online Learning Consortium “Effective Practice” award for “Podcasting Student Performances to Develop EFL Skills.” A journal article with 145+ citations found by Google Scholar is Spoken Internet to Go: Popularization through Podcasting. With Indian collaboration, the Japancasting channel is now revived. To understand the concepts and issues involved, read “Podcasting Reconsidered” (a ResearchGate 2023 Research Spotlight selection).

Japancasting channel (from 2022): Blog introducing episodes | Host sites to follow: Hubhopper / Podchaser / Open Spotify / Amazon Music / Google Podcasts / Apple Podcasts / Podcast Ranking (歴史). Episodes: 1. “Introduction and Trailer” blog entry / listen at Hubhopper. 2. “The Woman Diver: Discovering Deep East Asian Values” blog & script / listen. 3. “Fatalism and Pathos in a Bunraku Puppet Play” blog & script / listen. 4. “Reincarnation or What? Stone-Hand Temple and the Pilgrimage of Shikoku” blog & script / listen. 5. “Pilgrimage and the Study of Religion – Shikoku and Japan” blog / listen. 6. “Falling through the Cracks of UNESCO World Heritage Sites” blog / listen. 7. “Religions, Women and Family in Japan” blog / listen. 8. “Steve McCarty in Conversation with Parveen Sharma – Knowing Japan and Learning” blog entry / listen. 9. “A Family goes through Japanese Education” blog / listen. 10. “Stakes and Stakeholders in the Japanese Educational System” blog & outline / listen. 11. “Non-Violence of Okinawans and African-Americans” blog & script / listen. 12. “Similar Proverbs in Chinese, Japanese and English” blog / listen. 13. “South Korea and Japan Peace Dialogue” blog & script / listen. 14. “Causes and Solutions for Bullying in Japan “blog & script / listen. 15. “Questions from India about Japan” blog / listen. 16. “Encountering Famous East-West Bridge Persons across the U.S. to Japan” blog / listen. 17. “Peace Dialogue among Religions: Influence of Religions on Laws and Moral Values” blog & script / listen. 18. “Bangladesh Hospital Report in English and Japanese” blog & script / listen. 19. “The Japanese and Foreign Languages” blog / listen. 20. “Bilingual Perspectives on Language Teaching: The View from the Goal” blog / listen / slideshow / video. See Host Sites above for other listening options.

Deep in Japan Podcasts: Kūkai the Universal (June 2023) | How to Be a Professional Foreigner in Japan (2022) | Japanese Prehistory and Mythology (2020).

Zoomcasting:Bilingual Perspectives on Language Teaching: The View from the Goal” (2023, pre-recording of a face-to-face conference presentation, 22 minutes) | “Japanese People and Society” (2022, 2 hours) for Japanese government use in developing countries | “Bilingualism and Language Acquisition” (2020 video, 14 minutes).

Zoom video recordings of invited presentations since 2020: “Podcasting Reconsidered” (2022, 28 minutes) | “Lifelong Learning and Retiring Retirement Stereotypes” (2022, 21 minutes) | “Online Education as an Academic Discipline” | “Global Faculty Development for Online Language Education” | “East-West Symbolic Language of Dreams, Myths, Legends, Iconography, and Poetry” [minutes 55:00-1:36:34 in this video].

Video documentary at Humanities Commons: Christchurch New Zealand cliff hike.

On YouTube: 1998: Online Conference Keynote Greeting by the Seto Great Bridge (1:11) Inland Sea segments (1:04) | 2007: Profile with animation & music (1:40) | Video-Movie Distinction & Podcasting in Online Presentations (2:27) | Social Networking in Japanese Student Territory with Mixi (6:25) | Son Nikki’s rock guitar (0:17) | iPodcasting (0:53) | 3D online presentation | 2009: Osaka Jogakuin College Computer Communication Class (7:25) | 2013-2014 (made by iPad): International Marriage presentation scenes (1:02) | Takatsuki Jazz Street Festival sounds (1:35) | Osaka Castle Park Quick Spring Tour (2:17) | Arashiyama Kyoto tour (6:56) | Weeping Cherry blossoms at Kyoto Imperial Palace (0:05) | Cherry blossoms from a train crossing a bridge in Osaka (0:11) | Spring outside my college office in Osaka (explains the YouTube Capture app, 0:53) | AILA 2014 Emerging Technologies Symposium (artificial voice, 0:36) | Surprising sights & sounds in Brisbane (0:29) | Aboriginal Sounds (1:15) | 2022: Ringing wind bells at a shrine in Kyoto (0:26), or see the author’s YouTube Channel.

 Movie taken inside a 3D virtual world (.avi format): Keynote Presentation in Second Life (2007, 2:45).

Vlogging Abroad: Videoblogging in real time while taking students from Japan to New Zealand is explained in the documentary info, and the production process is detailed in this article. The videos posted in Osaka from Christchurch in 2009 are: 1. Gondola up a Mountain (3:34) 2. Sheep Ranch (7:18) 3. With Maori People (6:45) 4. Experiencing Antarctica (4:22) 5. Students talk about their Homestays (8:28) 6. Sayonara Party (4:55).

Podcasts at Humanities Commons (title links to info page, or download the MP3 file directly: Similar Proverbs in English, Japanese, and Chinese (trilingual, with students) or MP3 (6:46) | Falling through the cracks of UNESCO World Heritage Sites or MP3 (10:43) | Stone-Hand Temple and the Pilgrimage of Shikoku or MP3 (5:07) | Fatalism and Pathos in a Bunraku Puppet Play or MP3 (3:31) | The Woman Diver and the Dragon Ball or MP3 (7:37) / Article | How Bilingualism Informs Language Teaching (presentation and Q&A soundtrack) MP3 (41.57) / Article.