Videos and podcasts (audio): Podcasting serves pedagogical purposes and can make it possible for a larger audience to relive presentations by listening to the recorded soundtrack, possibly while clicking through the slideshow or reading related materials. The author first had video on the Internet in 1998, and started a channel before Google acquired YouTube.

2020 Zoom recordings of keynote addresses on YouTube: “Online Education as an Academic Discipline” | “Global Faculty Development for Online Language Education” (forthcoming) | “East-West Symbolic Language of Dreams, Myths, Legends, Iconography, and Poetry” [minutes 55:00-1:36:34]. University class Zoomcast: “Bilingualism and Language Acquisition.” Deep in Japan Podcast: “A Lecture on Japanese Prehistory and Mythology with Professor Steve McCarty.”

Video documentary at Humanities Commons: Christchurch New Zealand cliff hike.

On YouTube: 1998: Online Conference Keynote Greeting by the Seto Great Bridge (1:11) Inland Sea segments (1:04) | 2007: Profile with animation & music (1:40) | Video-Movie Distinction & Podcasting in Online Presentations (2:27) | Social Networking in Japanese Student Territory with Mixi (6:25) | Son Nikki’s rock guitar (0:17) | iPodcasting (0:53) | 3D online presentation | 2009: Osaka Jogakuin College Computer Communication Class (7:25) | 2013-2014 (made by iPad): International Marriage presentation scenes (1:02) | Takatsuki Jazz Street Festival sounds (1:35) | Osaka Castle Park Quick Spring Tour (2:17) | Arashiyama Kyoto tour (6:56) | Weeping Cherry blossoms at Kyoto Imperial Palace (0:05) | Cherry blossoms from a train crossing a bridge in Osaka (0:11) | Spring outside my college office in Osaka (explains the YouTube Capture app, 0:53) | AILA 2014 Emerging Technologies Symposium (artificial voice, 0:36) | Surprising sights & sounds in Brisbane (0:29) | Aboriginal Sounds (1:15) | or see at the author’s YouTube Channel.

At Nagoya University of Commerce & Business (.avi format): Keynote Presentation in Second Life (2007 3D scenes, 2:45).

Vlogging Abroad: Videoblogging in real time while taking students from Japan to New Zealand is explained in the documentary info, and the production process is detailed in this article. The videos posted in Osaka from Christchurch in 2009 are: 1. Gondola up a Mountain (3:34) 2. Sheep Ranch (7:18) 3. With Maori People (6:45) 4. Experiencing Antarctica (4:22) 5. Students talk about their Homestays (8:28) 6. Sayonara Party (4:55).

Podcasting (audio files to download, some with podscripts or supplementary readings).

The Online Learning Consortium designated “Podcasting Student Performances to Develop EFL Skills” an “Effective Practice.” A related journal article with 106 citations found by Google Scholar is Spoken Internet to Go: Popularization through Podcasting.

Podcasts at Humanities Commons (title links to info page, or download the MP3 file directly: Similar Proverbs in English, Japanese, and Chinese (trilingual, with students) or MP3 (6:46) | Falling through the cracks of UNESCO World Heritage Sites or MP3 (10:43) | Stone-Hand Temple and the Pilgrimage of Shikoku or MP3 (5:07) + Podscript | Fatalism and Pathos in a Bunraku Puppet Play or MP3 (3:31) + Podscript | The Woman Diver and the Dragon Ball or MP3 (7:37) + Podscript + Article | How Bilingualism Informs Language Teaching (presentation and Q&A soundtrack) MP3 (41.57) + Slideshow + Article.

Podcasts at (2005-2012, direct download, sorted by topic):

Contemporary Japanese Society & Education: Stakes and Stakeholders in the Japanese Educational System (26:03) + Abstract | A family goes through Japanese education (12:13) | Japanese People and Society (42:15) + Podscript + SlideshowChapter in a government document | Questions about Japan from Developing Countries (19:18) | Is there pervasive racism or xenophobia in Japan? (13:00) + PodscriptSouth Korea and Japan Peace Dialogue (by students; 3:48) Podscript | Another Atomic Power Plant or Conserve Energy? (by students, years before the Northeastern Japan disaster; 3:29) Podscript | Causes and solutions for Bullying in Japan (by students; 2:49) Podscript.
Languages: (The) Japanese and Foreign Languages (16:11) | Bangladesh report (English-Japanese, by students; 18:13) | Bilingual Haiku Recital (English-Japanese, 6:40) + Scroll | Analyzing Types of Bilingual Education in Japan and the World (2012 presentation soundtrack; 25:57) + Slideshow + Article or Series.

Comparative Culture: Influence of Religions on Laws and Moral Values (6:53) + Podscript | Nonviolence of Okinawans and African-Americans (by students; 3:39) Podscript | Japanese-Americans return to their roots (17:37) | Interviewing a student about a Bangladesh study tour (5:20) + Podscript.

Educational Technology: Founding the World Association for Online Education (WAOE) (9:22) | WAOE Learning Technology Survey (6:15) | First in the World to use iPods in Education (rough sound, 10:07) Article (better ) | Definitions and Knowledge in Successive Educational Media (presentation soundtrack; 27:40) + Slideshow | Coursecasting (8:34) + see next section below | Online Learning (presentation in Japanese; 43:03) Slideshow | Web 2.0 (talk to a WAOE annual online meeting; 20:10) | Interfaces of Bilingual Education, Japanese Socioculture and Podcasting Technologies (presentation soundtrack; 43:12) + Slideshow | Social Networking behind student lines with Mixi (presentation soundtrack; 29:37) + Slideshow + Article | Making Mobile Phone Homepages  (presentation soundtrack; 25:35) + Slideshow + Article | Curtain CALL: Online Performances for Integrative Motivation  (presentation soundtrack; 40:11) + Slideshow + Article | Motivating Language Learners from before admission to after graduation with Social Media (first 14 minutes) + Book Chapter | Video Production for Community Outreach (2010 presentation soundtrack; 21:07)  + PDF or Slideshow | Online Education and Virtual Organizations (2011 plenary address soundtrack; 48:00) + Slideshow / Ubiquitous Computing and Online Collaboration for Open Education (2011 keynote address soundtrack; 1:05:07) + Slideshow + Article.

Coursecasting – lectures saved for students and future listeners as podcasts – a Bilingual Education class, 2006 (related journal article: Window into the Classroom: Podcasting an English for Professional Purposes Course):

1. Becoming Bilingual brings greater Choices (15 minutes) 2. Bilingualism dimensions & Jenkins-Soga family example (44 min.) 3. Language Minority Students in Japan (45 min.) 4. Bilingual Education and Bilingualism Concepts (46 min.) 5. Aims and Types of Bilingual Education (46 min.) 6. Educational Options for Families in Japan (5 min.) 7. Analyzing Types of Bilingual Education (45 min.) 8. Suggestions for a first Response Paper (6 min.) 9. Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and Learning (12 min.) 10. Context affecting how well minorities acquire L2 (24 min.) 11. Factors affecting the success of bilingualism in Japan (18 min.) 12. Taxonomy of Bilingualism for Foreign Language Teaching in Japan (43 min.) 13. Introduction to the Politics of Bilingualism (13 min.) 14. Bilingualism and Multiculturalism in Canada (19 min.) 15. Bilingual survey results (45 min.) 16. Suggestions for Research on Bilingual Education 1 (15 min.) 17. Suggestions for Research on Bilingual Education 2 (20 min.) 18. Blaming Multiculturalism for the Clash of Civilizations (17 min.) 19. Multiculturalism in individuals and in society (30 min.) 20. Applying Critical Thinking to Opinions about Bilingual Education (9 min.).