The author has taught 72 semesters in a row in Japan from colleges to graduate schools, including 22 years as a full Professor. From 2016-2020 he was also the faculty development one-on-one consultant for the Kansai University International Education Support Office.

Steve is contributing open educational resources to the Humanities Commons CORE repository such as course materials, syllabi, and multimedia, as well as class homepages on the open Web. His project-based foreign language pedagogy article is in The Language Teacher (2020) and his rubric for student writing is published in the U.S.

Current Positions

Osaka Jogakuin University and College

Intercultural Communication (Spring 2020)

Academic Listening (Spring 2020)

Bilingualism and Japanese Society (Spring & Fall 2020)

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA Kansai Branch)

Lectures on Japanese People and Society to worldwide government officials (since 2004)

University courses taught in Japan

The content-based English as a Foreign Language (EFL) curriculum of both Osaka Jogakuin University and its two-year College have received Good Practice awards from the Ministry of Education. Teachers are challenged with all different classes in a semester, some utilizing teacher-created materials (including e-books used in class on iPads that all students have).

At Osaka Jogakuin University and College (2004-present): Language Acquisition, Advanced Presentation and Discussion, Bilingualism, Bilingual Education, Computer Communication, Intercultural Communication, Topic Studies (Human Rights, Africa and the Environment, etc.), Study of Current World Events, Discussion (of global issues), Research paper and introductory Writing courses, Business and Academic Listening, Debate, Vocabulary, Communication Strategies, TOEIC Seminar, and 1st year 4-skills English using e-books in everyone’s iPads.

At Kansai University (2015-2020), Division of International Affairs: Information and Communication Technologies, Japanese Computerization and Society, and Research Methods for Social Sciences. At the Kansai University Faculty of Business and Commerce: Intensive classes preparing students for internships to Nissan Mexico and York University in the UK, a fourth year class on thesis writing, and a graduate school international class on  English Communication focusing on the Asian tourism industry.

At Matsuyama Shinonome University: [Japanese-English] Translation Practicum.

At the national University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Education: Online Education in Theory and Practice.

At Kyoto Bunkyo University: English Communication.

At the Graduate School of Information Technology, Kobe Institute of Computing: Academic Writing, including an online course to IT officials in Southeast Asia.

Campus Administration and International Activities

1985-2004: Kagawa Junior College Editorial Committee and International Relations Committee. Traveled in the late 1980s to develop a sister school relationship with a college in the U.S.

2004-2015: Research Activities Committee, Vice-Chair – reviewing manuscripts, and in 2014, Master of Ceremonies in Japanese for the annual campus research meeting. 2004-2015: Materials & e-Book making Committees, and IT/Ubiquitous/e-Learning Committees – initiated a campus-wide attendance management system, and in 2014 conducted bilingual faculty and staff e-Portfolio training. At different times: Entrance Examination Committee, Human Rights Committee, Vocabulary Committee, Student Support Committee – in 2013, Master of Ceremonies in Japanese for an orientation event for students’ parents, and in 2014, Master of Ceremonies in Japanese for the Osaka Jogakuin University spring semester graduation ceremony. In March 2015 he delivered the farewell address bilingually at the Osaka Jogakuin College Graduation Party. In February-March 2009, he led a group of students to study abroad in New Zealand.

See also educational contributions to international society.

e-mail waoesteve@gmail.com about academic matters