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“The three arrows of 21st-century education should be foreign-language proficiency, critical thinking and computer literacy” – Jeff Kingston, Temple University Japan

ICT in Japan

Japan 10th in global ICT ranking Japan Times (2017) | Japan’s Social Media Landscape 2017 Btrax (2017) | Ubiquitous Language Learning from Mobile Internet to iPod to iPad presentation by Steve McCarty | Emoji: Evolution of Emoticons Japan Times (2016) | iPhone7 accommodates Japan Nippon.com (2016) | Children’s Media Use Survey Benesse (2014) | Smartphone addiction affects the brain Live Science (2017) | Japanese Children & Smartphones Japan Times (2015) / Babies’ smartphone use Asahi (2017) | Ministry of Internal Affairs & Communications (総務省): White Papers on ICT in Japan (2015) / ICT PoliciesToward a cashless economy Japan Times (2017) / e-Commerce flea market Mercari Japan Times (2018) | Vlogging Japan without offending the culture, including Yuta video / Travel apps in English Japan Times (2018)| 19-year-old creates political & haiku apps | Gree app for Virtual YouTubers (animated avatars) Japan Times (2018) | Distance Education in Japanese higher education – Kumiko Aoki 2015 report | Learn Japanese online free in various languages Japan Foundation.

Japanese Companies and Economics

Companies based in each prefecture | Panasonic (Osaka) / Presentation on ICT at Panasonic | NTT Docomo people mapping linked to mobile phones will aid disaster management Asahi (2017) | Japan’s information laws Japan Times (2015) | Masayoshi Son invests in AI New York Times (2017) | Yahoo Japan, Rakuten & Line growth slowing Japan Times (2018) | Companies worldwide (including Japan) adopt English as their official language Business Insider (2014).

Immigration and foreign workers

Japanese firms turn to Asia for good graduates (to work in Japan, too) Japan Times (2015) |
Japan grows more open to foreign workers as population declines Japan Times (2016) |
Japan ready to accept foreign workers Japan Times (2018).

Japanese society

Japanese People and Society – Steve McCarty’s site for the government’s international agency JICA | Statistical Handbook of Japan (2019) | Japanese attitudes (Pew, 2017) | Japanese Manners & Etiquette | U.S. TV program on Robots in Japan.

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